Electromobility in China: Outstanding customer service drives electric car purchases


For our 2021 ISC-CX Future Mobility Consumer Survey, we chose China because it is the largest market for the automotive industry. Our results show you how consumers in China approach the purchase of a new electric vehicle and which aspects in the customer journey are most important to them. The results will surprise you! Download the study now via the form and find out what is most important to the customer when buying a new car!

Insights into the findings:

In March 2021, we wanted to find out everything about what matters most to Chinese consumers when buying a car. Over 3000 consumers participated in the survey. Here are a few of our questions and findings: 

  • It is particularly remarkable that only a small percentage of respondents would definitely NOT buy an electric car.
  • Does the local dealer still play a role at all when buying a car, or is everything now done online? Chinese customers think: nothing works without a dealer!
  • The biggest surprise: TikTok plays a big role when intending to buy a car!
  • Experience with driving an electric car is a big factor in the purchase decision. The test drive before buying is crucial!

More detailed information on these topics and further insights into the customer journey can be found in our whitepaper, which you can download via the form!

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What you can expect from ISC-CX Future Mobility

In China, electromobility has long been accepted by everybody and is advocated and promoted by both the state and the population. We see the potential here to derive use cases and best practices from a steadily growing sales market and thus provide recommendations for action for the European market. Through our analyses, we show you trends that are reflected in China and help you to establish concrete sales-increasing measures in your company. In the future, we also plan to generate insights in Europe and other markets and make them available to you. This way you will always be a quarter mile ahead of the competition!
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