Discover the unexpected with ISC-CX Textalytics.

Text Mining helps you analyze thousands of customer comments.

ISC-Textalytics not only ingests and analyzes written comments from your customers, but also translates them into other languages, sorts them by topic, and evaluates the sentiment as positive, negative or neutral.


Here's how to get a handle on all of your customers comments:

A Voice of Customer program has many useful advantages:

On the one hand, multiple choice questions give you quick feedback on your most important sales drivers such as service, cleanliness and speed.

On the other hand, open comment fields provide information on hidden customer wants and needs, suggestions for improvement or even general feelings from your customers.

Unfortunately, evaluating and analyzing written comments is very time-consuming and resource-intensive, which is why many companies do not read, or even request, them from customers.

ISC-CX Textalytics changes the situation:  ISC-CX's specially-developed artificial intelligence analyzes comments and clusters them so that you can see the most important keywords customers cite and their sentiment at a glance.  But that is only one of Textalytics’s many capabilities.

See all the advantages of ISC-CX Textalytics and download the whitepaper.

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